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Represents a Group control in the SharePoint Server Ribbon.
SharePoint 2010 Ribbon Group

Inheritance Hierarchy

Assembly: QASPRibbon.dll
Namespace: QASPRibbon.Controls


Property Type Description
Id String A string that identifies the group, such as "RibbonGroup". (Inherited from RibbonElement)
Title String Group's label. (Inherited from RibbonElement)
Sequence Int32 Order of placement among sibling XML nodes.
Sections IEnumerable<RibbonGroupSection> A collection of child sections.
IsPopupable Boolean .
PopupImage RibbonImageDefinition .
OnClientActivate String Javascript code that executes when a Group is activated.


The following example defines a ribbon group that contains one RibbonButton controls in Controls collection and uses ThreeRow template.

RibbonGroup group = new RibbonGroup("RibbonGroupId", "Ribbon Title")
    OnClientActivate = "alert(Group has been activated')",
    Sections = new RibbonSection[]
        new RibbonSection("Section01", "Section01")
            Alignment = RibbonSectionAlignment.Top,
            Type = RibbonSectionType.ThreeRows,
            DisplayMode = RibbonDisplayMode.Image16AndCaption,
            Controls = new RibbonControl[] {
                //TODO: Define buttons

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