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Represents a MenuSection control in the SharePoint Server Ribbon.

Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: QASPRibbon.Controls
Assembly: QASPRibbon.dll

Properties and Fields

Property Type Description
Id String A string that identifies the menu section, such as "RibbonSection". (Inherited from RibbonElement)
Title String A string value representing the group's label. (Inherited from RibbonElement)
DisplayMode RibbonMenuDisplayMode An enumeration value that determines how child controls in this section are rendered
Controls IEnumerable<RibbonControl> Child controls of the section
Scrollable Boolean True to make this section of the menu scrollable.
MaxHeight Int32 Specifies the maximum height of the section in pixels.


public RibbonMenuSection()

public RibbonMenuSection(string id)

public RibbonMenuSection(string id, string title)

Child controls

See also

*MSDN: MenuSection Element

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